Teaching the Word of God

Teach The Word

Preaching-the-Word Ministry is committed to do as much as possible to prepare and assist others in the work of  proclaiming the Kingdom of Christ.

Check out the information under “Training” and “Jesus’ Chair” in the Menu above. Over the next few weeks we will be adding a number of new “Preaching and Teaching” resources.

We have developed a study on personal discipleship called “Our Pilgrimage” and additional information can be found on website (www.Pilgrim-Institute.org)

It is our goal that the material (lessons) for Pilgrim-Institute be used as either a small group Bible Study, As Sunday School material for a quarter (12 weeks) or as a short seminar or revival/church renewal.

We offer our services to lead a seminar/revival/renewal if desired.

“Our burden” on our heart is the spiritual conditions of many of churches in America, We have also created the following websites that provide some tools to help struggling churches.

Restoring The Church

Dying Church

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