Preaching the Word of God is a website of “Four Soils Ministry”. Four Soils Ministry has established two categories for blogs,

1, Plubic Comments on our Bible Study

2. Comments from our Students

Four Soils ministry has established a number of vehicles to train and encourage workers in teh Kingdom of God.  Our major focus is training and resources provided by our  two free internet schools.

The first school offers certificates in Preaching, Biblical Teaching, Biblical Discipleship, and Biblical Counseling. This school has been available on the Internet ( for about 7 years and has had thousands of students to sign up for the lessons.

Wicket Gate Bible College ( is a new free school designed to build from our certificate programs and offer the equivalent of a BS in Biblical Studies.

Some of our students have asked for a vehicle to communicate. Therefore we are adding this blog capability.

We also offer Bible Seminar material and have one ebook (Everlasting Covenant) on-line from our founder. We will be adding more of our resources as well as links to others. Our founder is also available for Bible Seminars and Revivals,


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