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Construct Creative Bible Seminars


Four Soils Ministry’s founding purpose is to prepare workers for the kingdom of God. We provide seminar resources for our students to teach Biblical Seminars.

We have a twelve unit Seminar Series that takes a group through the Bible covering all the major doctrines integrated with an overview of all the major schools of Theology. This is a non-denominational study. These Seminars can be found on link: Bible Seminars

Our study resources can be quickly used to package different focused Bible studies.

For Example, some logical ones would be:

Genesis Seminar,  Exodus Seminar, Joshua Seminar,  or Torah Seminar

Synoptic Gospels, Gospels, or Romans

History Books, Wisdom Books, or Prophets

Paul’s Epistles, Hebrews, or Revelation

We have also a personal/small group discipleship seminar/study called Our Pilgrimage. Information can be found at:

One could take our material and use it to package any of the above or som other creative way of doing a Bible seminar. Combinations or almost unlimited.


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