Secure Mind

A Secure Mind

Chapter four of the Epistle to the Philippians is much like the top step of a four-step stairwell that leads
to a place of contentment, joy, and peace. In this study, we have used the metaphor of a stairwell where Chapters 1-3 of Philippians each were described as steps 1-3 of that stairwell. Each step was a progressive state of mind, a growing relationship with God. The stairwell represented a progression that developed the “Mind of Christ” through the steps of 1) a Single Mind focused on the gospel of Christ, 2) a Submissive Mind to Christ, 3) a Spiritual Mind like Christ’s, and now 4) a Secure Mind in the presence of Christ.


AI & Bible Study (of Philippians)

Study: The Mind of Christ

Lesson One: A Single Mind

Lesson Two: A Submissive Mind

Lesson Three: A Spiritual Mind

Lesson Four: A Secure Mind

Conclusion: Contentment in Christ

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