Be Ready

[slide] Preaching the Word of God


Always be ready to proclaim Jesus and Him Crucified. Be instant in season, and out  of season (always)

2Ti 4:2   Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season;…….

“Preaching the Word”, a ministry of Four Soils Ministry exists to delight in the proclamation  of God’s greatness and to proclaim the truth of His Word.

This challenge before you is possible. Christians have what it takes, but we need to know this isn’t just me saying “Do this.” This is stated under the power and vision of God almighty. A challenge cloaked in the sovereignty and power of God. We had better listen.

This is a message to Timothy, to the pastor, yet goes deeper than that. This is the message for every Christian, every believer that has been called to minister in God’s name. That, by the way, is every believer because all have been called.

Therfore be ready! Preaching the Word ministry want to be a resource and encouragement to all of Christ’s disciples. 


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