Bible Survey

About 20 years ago after returning from India where I spent two weeks teaching at a school for evangelism. The adult students in the school were being trained to plant churches across India, yet the students and instructors had access to very little Bible-teaching material. After seeking this need, I was led to initiate a free online Bible School which was called “Four Soils Ministry” which could be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The approach was simple and only required an internet connection. I provided links to free resources for all needed course material for the study. The students were led through a complete Bible Survey, combined with theology, and doctrinal exposure by answering simple questions. The goal was to expose each student not only to God’s Word but how man’s institutions had influenced the understanding and teaching of it.

As technology has advanced over the years, many free resources have become available and made “Four Soils Ministry” obsolete and have moved some of the resources to this website. Originally each student submitted their lessons by email, and we read each lesson and communicated back to each student. We are not requesting the students send us their answers, yet they are free to send us questions and/or comments.

The original material consisted of 12 Modules with Genesis as the first and each module of ten lessons and each lesson consisted of 10 questions. Therefore each module, such as the Genesis Survey module consisted of 100 questions.

Please feel free to use the material to advance Christ’s kingdom here on earth! May God bless you and your ministry

Genesis Survey

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