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Preaching the Word of God

About Preaching The Word/Four Soils Ministry

Preaching the Word is a ministry of Four Soils Ministry. Four Soils Ministry was founded February 2006 by Dr. Charles King under a burden to provide free Biblical and Theological Training for preaching, Bible teaching, Biblical counseling, and personal discipleship.

God Charlie  a vision of this ministry building on his industry experience in the computer industry, his international mission work in Africa, Asia, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean. God used his computer education and experience to combine with his other personal education experience in Bible College, Seminary and his work experience as a extension director with New Orleans Seminary and as an Old Testament instructor with “Walk thru the Bible” to put together our educational material.

God is using all these to formulate a ministry to train anyone-anywhere in the world free of charge. This concept also means that all required resources must also be available over the Internet at no cost to the students. This has been accomplished with our Bible school and is currently being made available for our Bible college where we offer a unaccredited BS in Biblical Studies.

Four Soils Ministry also provides websites that aid the connecting of Ministers to Ministries, and provide website hoasting and support for churches and other ministries.

As financial resources and time become available, we have many of visions/ideas to provide information/resources/training for those who are called to be servants to the KING (Jesus Christ)